Spark Plug Advertising Books


Spark Plug Advertising

Four volumes of reference material for the person interested in learning more about spark plugs.

Volume 1 and Volume 2 consist almost entirely of advertising from the Unted States.  These books are full format (8.5 x 11″) hardcover reference books.  Ads are printed in color when they were available, though most early advertising is entirely black & white. The books include an index that is searchable by plug tradename or by manufacturer.  Each volume is 320+ pages and the advertising is presented in a year-by-year fashion for quickly referencing when a spark plug was offered on the market.  

The earliest stationary engines and automobiles originated in Europe.  The best quality porcelain came from France and as such, some of the earliest and most attractive spark plugs came from Europe.  Volume 3 in the series focuses almost entirely on European spark plugs with a few ads from Australia tossed in for good measure.  

Volume 4 is a continuation of the first two volumes.  Newly discovered adveretising and/or undated material, Volume 4 fills in the gaps with advertising for spark plugs that may have only been produced for a very few years, or were simply not well advertised to begin with.  

These books are printed on-demand from the printer, so there will likely be a 2-3 week delivery wait time.  That being said, when I place orders with the printer, I will often include a couple of extra copies to have on-hand to try to minimize wait times if at all possible.  You are welcome to contact me and inquire before placing an order.