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Antique Spark Plugs

"I don't understand. It's got gas, it's got air, why no spark?"
- Anyone who has worked on an old car

Current Projects and INterests

New York Spark Plugs

My research interests have always primary been with local history. As such, I have a particular fondness for New York-made spark plugs. I am currently assembling the history of all New York spark plug manufacturers that produced plugs before 1930. While researching, I also continue to try to add more examples of these spark plugs into my reference collection.


My search list is constantly changing, but here is a list with phots of plugs that I am currently searching for. Values can range from just a few dollars to several hundred.

Explore The Gallery

A few photos of plugs, advertising and other interesting related early automobilia.  

Spark Plug Advertising Books

I have assembled all of the spark plug advertising I have been able to find from about 1900 thru the mid 1930’s into four large hardcover volumes.  These volumes are a wonderful resource for collectors and are currently available for purchase.  Click below for more information.